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Undecided Which Material to Use for Your Countertops? Part Two

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Want to Know Which Is the Best Material between Marble and Granite?

Marble does get stained easily by liquids, while granite and slate do not. Slate countertops do absorb moisture given sufficient time, since it is a porous and soft material; however, the absorption rate is extremely slow, whereas granite will not be damaged by frequent washing or exposure to moisture. Cleaning slate is easy and is done using warm water and soap, it is then conditioned and preserved using mineral oil.

Homeowners looking for the aesthetic value of slate but want more strength and durability are better off choosing soapstone. This is similar in appearance to slate but is normally light in color, which for some further enhance the appearance of their countertops. Soapstone is slightly more resistant to staining and chipping, though it can develop gouges or scratches given time. Soapstone does cost more than slate, so the question homeowners need to ask themselves is, are they willing to pay the extra price for marble and granite, which given time will pay for itself? Or will they settle for less?

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